When I bought my home in Brookline, my first thought was 'this is the neighborhood I have always wanted to live in'.
I hope I can do my small part to help neighbors, new and old, feel the same way.

What matters to our community?

Proper use of our tax money

An excellent education for our children

Helpful zoning that we understand

Justice and dialogue in our neighborhoods 

Preparing now for a healthier future

I hope we can each do our part to make Brookline better


We still need to make progress on many things. A balanced budget. Improving our school system. Removing barriers to housing. Relationships between the community and public employees, including our police department. Public understanding and involvement in planning Brookline's future is the key.


Let's move forward together 

A neighborhood that works together


What does our neighborhood need?

What challenges are we facing?


 Let's talk to each other about what matters at our neighborhood level.

Together we can make our neighborhood greater.